Case: Digital Brochures & Superbanner

The Company

Since its founding in 1958, LG has aimed to improve the lives and lifestyles of its customers through intelligent product features, intuitive functionality and exceptional performance–today millions of households enjoy their products and rely on them in their everyday lives. LG is now one of the world market leaders in many areas of electronics.

Goal of the Campaign

LG wished to have the opportunity to present their products while the consumer is planning their shopping trip. By presenting their products on KaufDa, they have direct access to consumers planning their next purchasing trip & LG can position itself innovatively in a price driven world.

Bonial Media Solution

By utilizing KaufDa’s digital brochures & superbanners, LG effectively optimized their digital marketing strategies by being able to capture the attention of users who are actively planning their shopping journey. With precision, tailormade targeting LG was able to present its products to the relevant target group, expand its customer base & successfully increase sales.


“We convince customers with our innovative strength and excellent products. But we also want to be top of the class when it comes to perception. With our LG brand world and super banners on kaufDA we reach relevant shoppers during their shopping planning and accompany them along the Customer Journey from digital POI to stationary POS. We are enthusiastic about the upselling effect, which is proven by the highly exciting campaign evaluations. Bonial shows how successful drive-to-store marketing works and offers a platform that inspires consumers”.

Frank Sander – Head of Product Marketing Consumer Electronics, LG