Main Objective: Capture Market Share of
“Out of Home” Activities

Case Background

With more than 900 retail locations in Paris & throughout major cities in the South East corner of France, Franprix is an urban convenience store that has become a staple. Since its addition to the Casino group in 2007, Franprix has distinguished itself as an innovative company, providing optimal services for individuals seeking convenient grocery services.


During the World Cup, Franxprix wanted to expand its market share on “Out of Home” activities, such as picnicking or other outdoor activities. Their goal was to bring urban dwellers to their stores, in order to enjoy their products outside of their homes.

Bonial’s Solution

Based on the offers with Franprix’s brochure, “Football / No Footballt” and the data collected on its platforms, Bonial enabled the brand to reach new consumers on the web with a relevant offers through innovative ad formats.

In order to optimize the outcome of this campaign, Bonial’s Campaign managers created 2 product feeds– one themed “Football Fans” & another “Non-Football Fans.” Bonial created dynamic landing pages that coincided with the nearest store of a consumer & the audiences were targeted based on their preferences within the Bonial ecosystem as well as through advanced targeting methods from other sources.

In addition to Bonial’s exclusive audience network, the Franprix campaigns were distributed across the following partner networks: Facebook / Instagram, Google, App Nexus.


Bannières thématiques

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