CHICAGO, IL (December 15, 2015) – Retale (, a location-based mobile platform that conveniently helps shoppers save on purchases from their favorite retailers and brands, today announced Retale Virtual Reality (VR), the first virtual reality, location-based shopping companion, available for the Oculus Rift in 2016. With Retale VR, users will be immersed in retail-based environments to shop local offers in a contextual, engaging 3D world.

Retale’s forthcoming Oculus app is intended to build upon the intuitive retailer, product, and coupon browsing experience users have grown accustomed to when using Retale on iOS, Android and Apple Watch, while adding an immersive interface that connects the digital experience with an actual brick-and-mortar one. Users will be able to browse virtual showrooms of their favorite stores, save time and money researching deals in a virtual world, learn about products in 3D and add them right to their shopping list.

“We are excited by the opportunities these emerging virtual platforms provide,” said Pat Dermody, President of Retale. “As a technology company, it’s our responsibility to constantly explore any possible consumer shopping experiences on the horizon that could innovate and improve the ways customers access retailers. VR is an incredible platform for us to work in and, in the future, will be tablestakes for retailers and brands, just as mobile has become in the last 10 years. We believe in the power of this technology.”

The Retale VR app seamlessly connects the virtual experience with the real world. Once the user has explored the weekly deals and VR showrooms offered by Retale’s partners, they are able to select products or stores that they’re interested in and add them to their shopping list on the Retale mobile app. From there, the mobile app will send a push notification confirming the addition, and users can receive navigation information to guide them to the nearest retail location to purchase their selection.

“The VR space is moving more quickly than many realize and we believe our offering will be a compelling use case for many shoppers,” said Christian Gaiser, CEO of Retale. “We have seen mobile grow from zero to 90% of our revenue in just under three years. In the same way that mobile has rapidly emerged, we see VR as having the same disruptive potential and impact for the retail industry.”

Founded in October of 2013, Retale has quickly become a go-to shopping resource for today’s mobile shopper. Reinventing the way shoppers consume information from stores and brands, Retale allows shoppers to discover great savings, coupons and store information through Retale’s mobile app and website. All information is location-based, making it possible for shoppers to find the best offers on products at the most convenient location for them. Retale just surpassed the five million-download mark, and has seen more than 1.3 billion shopper engagements across its platform.

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