April 3, 2018 – Bonial, a specialist in catalogue digitisation and Gutenberg networks, the #1 agency in operational communication, have pooled their expertise in editing and publishing digital catalogues. Directly integrating the flow of Gutenberg networks data into Bonial’s display technology has given French distributors a unique way to present their digital catalogues.

While one designs, produces, prints and distributes the catalogues and brochures from France’s largest distribution networks, the other is known for promoting these catalogues in the digital universe. Issues raised by an initial shared customer, the Casino group superstores (since followed by supermarkets), and then Match supermarkets, prompted the 2 companies’ development teams to join forces.

The aim of the partnership? To automatically add the product information contained in the Gutenberg networks easytoRetail™ solution into the digital catalogues managed by Bonial on the distributor’s website (via the BonialConnect reader). The process enables the enrichment process for digital catalogues – which had previously been essentially manual – to be faster, more reliable and more comprehensive.

The immediate benefit for the distributor is being able to concentrate on the content of its promotional campaigns, rather than on the technical side of publishing these across multiple channels. In an age where letterboxes are becoming less and less accessible, and usage increasingly mobile, the distributor can offer its clients “enriched” digital catalogues reflecting every aspect of its services (clickable products, complete product sheets, shopping lists including promotional discounts, etc.).

“Digital catalogues continue to be the best window display for our online stores, and one of the main reasons for consumers to visit our site. So it’s important to provide fluid, up-to-date and easily accessible information. Yet until now, the process for enriching digital catalogues was cumbersome and complex. The co-operation between Bonial and Gutenberg networks means increased speed and reliability. All this data makes the experience of reading the digital catalogue richer, and creates possibilities for a number of other functions using the available data!” says the digital manager of Casino superstores and supermarkets.

“The main aim for us was to improve the experience offered to our customers, but also to give our teams more time to manage this complex content, while still enabling reliable, enriched information. Combining their respective expertise in these areas, Bonial and Gutenberg networks have fulfilled all these aims!”, adds Marie Butel, head of Internet and customer service at Match supermarkets. 

Laurent Garreau, Head of E-Solutions at Gutenberg Networks

“Catalogue data is the specialist focus of Gutenberg networks, which has all the ‘raw material’ necessary to create catalogues (descriptive, photos, prices…). Our easytoRetail solution already enables us to manage flow and archiving. We’re pleased to be teaming up with Bonial to reach the end of the production chain, that is to say, online publication. It was a natural progression to combine our respective expertise to offer our shared clients the best possible assistance with their digital transformation.”

Matthias BERAHYA-LAZARUS, Managing Director of Bonial France

“Our partnership with Gutenberg networks marks a turning point in the history of e-catalogues, and a true advancement in this still very strategic information medium. By adding their product data to our BonialConnect reader, we offer consumers a reading experience extending well beyond mere paper, and enable distributors to collect useful data on how the catalogue is consulted online!”


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