CHICAGO, IL (April 13, 2016) – Retale (, a location-based mobile advertising platform for retailers and brands, today announced several new growth milestones in the U.S., including over 6.5 million downloads – an impressive 110 percent increase, year-over-year, compared to 2015 – along with two billion in-app engagements across its growing user base. Additionally, Retale is now delivering contextually relevant, location-based ads, deals, coupons and information from more than 125,000 retail stores nationwide.

“These milestones speak to our platform’s value for retailers, brands and marketers, but also to broader trends in shopping, overall,” said Pat Dermody, President of Retale. “Today, 85 percent of in-market shoppers use their smartphones to research and visit brick-and-mortar stores. Mobile devices are the new personal shopping assistant and we offer a unique solution – a location-based, mobile-first advertising platform that helps retailers and brands connect with over six and a half million shoppers, driving them to stores nearby. We use mobile to accelerate the customer buying journey at every stage and, from our in-app engagement to our user growth, it is clear we are succeeding.”

Founded in October of 2013, Retale has quickly become a go-to shopping resource for today’s mobile shopper. Reinventing the way shoppers consume information from stores and brands, Retale allows shoppers to discover and receive great savings through ads and coupons, as well as get up-to-date store information through Retale’s mobile app and website. All information is location-based, making it possible for shoppers to find the best offers on products at the most convenient location for them. Hundreds of the world’s top retailers and brands currently use Retale’s platform, including JCPenney, Big Lots, Target and Toys “R“ Us.

Axel Springer SE, one of the world’s largest digital publishers in terms of reach, is Retale’s majority stakeholder. This year, it is planned to invest a low double-digit million dollar amount in Retale, further accelerating the platform’s scale and success.

“With more than a dozen investments and acquisitions the US has become a core foreign market for Axel Springer. Retale is of high strategic relevance to Axel Springer since it accounts for our largest organic investment in the US,” said Jens Müffelmann, Axel Springer President USA. “The way retailers, agencies and brands approach retail marketing has changed. Today, success means reaching shoppers wherever they are, on whatever device they may be using. Increasingly, that means smartphones and tablets. Retale, is at the forefront of that evolution and we are pleased to support them as they continue to grow.”

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