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150,000 – Brochures
Published Each Year
150 Million – Sessions Each Year
550 Million – Shopping Signals Analyzed Each Month

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130,000 – Brochures
Published Each Year
33 Million – Sessions Each Year
115 Million – Shopping Signals Analyzed Each Month

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7,000 – Brochures
Published Each Month
15 Million – Sessions Each Year
40 Million – Shopping Signals Analyzed Each Month

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Discover our apps in many other markets :
Ofertia (Spain, Chile, Mexico), Guiato (Brazil) and Bonial (Sweden)

Brochure Viewer

Our Brochure Viewer technology provides a simple solution to the digitalization of your offers.

With 4 distinct media offerings & advertising placements, our brochure viewer delivers maximum flexibility for your messaging strategy & provides instant access to more than 40 million consumers who are actively planning their shopping journey.

Offer Carousel

Our Offer Carousel seamlessly cuts individual offers from your brochures to deliver a personalized offer feed to each user.

Leveraging granular data points from billions of product engagements, our personalized offer carousel utilizes a proprietary personalization algorithm built on machine learning, to deliver the right offers to our high-intent shoppers.

Shopping Planner

From the beginning stages of planning all the way until point of sale, our shopping planner ensures full visibility of your offers throughout the path to purchase.

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