A Q&A With A Bonial Developer

A Q&A With A Bonial Developer

A Q&A With A Bonial Developer

Julien Thomas

Julien Thomas is a French Bonial developer, currently working to improve the mobile notification system that alerts users of local deals. Recently, we sat down with him to discuss his projects, the future of technology, and what he appreciates most about the Bonial team.

BONIAL: Can you tell us a little bit about yourself?

JT: I’m a back-end developer from France. I graduated with a Master in Computer Science in 2006 and have six years of experience in Java/J2EE development.

Currently, I’m part of a full back-end team that develops new features in Groovy or Java 8 for the mobile and web APIs. A big part of our work consists of improving API and system performances.

BONIAL: When did you join the team?

JT: I joined in October 2014.

BONIAL: What surprised you when you joined?

JT: I was surprised by the diversity of the IT teams and the company in general. People come from different countries, cultures, and technical backgrounds.

BONIAL: Can you tell us more about your current project and team?

JT: For the last few months, I’ve been working to improve the system for delivering mobile notifications to users interested in specific retailer’s brochures. As we publish more and more brochures, and as more and more users subscribe to the app, we require a new system—one that doesn’t struggle to deliver the notifications on time.

Currently, we’re a small team, all dedicated 100% to this project. We use Spark framework and Java 8, and the application is running in an Amazon Web Services cluster.

BONIAL: What new technology interests you most at the moment and why?

JT: I am interested in cluster computing frameworks such as Hadoop and Spark, which are both trending technologies. Things move quickly in IT, and we must keep in touch with the latest techniques in back-end development.

About Julien

JulienJulien Thomas
is a 33 year old French Web Developer. He specialized in back-end development during his 7 years of working in banking businesses in France. He joined Bonial.com in Berlin in 2014, with the aim of widening his technical skills in this creative and open-minded city.