Efrain Rosario, Chief Customer Officer at Bonial.com

Sharing a Coke with … Efrain Rosario: Coca-Cola North America’s long-standing Global Marketing Director is the new Chief Customer Officer (CCO) of Bonial.com, Axel Springer’s mobile shopping platform with brands like kaufDA or Retale. The position of a CCO is still relatively new in Germany, many companies are still struggling to define the Chief Digital Officer (CDO) role. That’s why we asked Efrain Rosario on the one hand what a CCO is doing and, on the other, talked about how Bonial wants to further enhance the cooperation with retailers and brands.


Location Insider: The position Chief Customer Officer is quite new to German companies and a lot of them might have never heard of it. So first of all, please describe your role within Bonial.

Efrain Rosario:  It’s about customer success – helping the organization better understand our customers’ needs and key challenges, aligning how our products and services meet those needs, and ultimately sharing that story and celebrating our joint successes.


Location Insider: Bonial wants to intensify its partnership with retailers and manufacturers. Which opportunities do you see here?

Efrain Rosario:  Driving collaboration around shared challenges and common goals is a great start.  As a partner to both retailers and brands, multi-nationals and local operators alike, Bonial can leverage its collective expertise in mobile, media, and retail to share best practices from across the global markets and retail verticals we serve and help our customers adapt those practices to drive their business.

Calculating marketing ROI has always been a challenge – by nature digital and mobile offer a great opportunity to do just that, but too often driving scale has come at the expense of precision and transparency of the effectiveness of those efforts.

We have an opportunity to drive improved data transparency, demonstrating clear and actionable metrics for digital marketing that close the loop on offline shopper conversion, and increased precision, delivering personalised deals and offers that are relevant and useful to the shopper when they’re thinking about shopping.

By doing so, we help our customers drive efficiency in their marketing spend and find new sources of value across the value chain, including but not limited to digitizing their weekly circulars.


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Location Insider: You’d been with the Coca Cola Company for ten years and worked for Alkemics, a platform connecting retailers with manufacturers afterwards. Where do you see the biggest challenges for retailers in today’s omnichannel world with its multiple customer touchpoints?

Efrain Rosario:  At the end of the day, we all want the same thing – connecting with shoppers in a manner that they don’t just buy, but also love your brands.  Two challenges to making that happen come to mind.

First, how will retailers and brands deal with the complexity that mobile has brought to the path to purchase?  In the past, the shopper journey has often been modelled as a linear journey, from discovery to planning to purchasing, leading to loyalty and re-engagement.  However, what we find today is that in many cases, shoppers are often discovering new deals and offers in the midst of a current shopping trip, or engaging with a retailer or manufacturer via social media to share instant feedback.  Embracing that complexity, and using mobile as a means to connect with shoppers across those micro-moments, is key.

The proliferation of data is not going away – 90% of the world’s data has been generated in the past 2 years. There’s no shortage of data, in terms of our shoppers and their purchase habits, available; how will you best utilise that data in an effective and responsible manner, to deliver the best experience for your shoppers and also drive your business?


Location Insider: The borders between brick-and-mortar retail and E-Commerce are blurring. Will Bonial still focus on POS-focused solutions or will we see online shopping possibilities in Bonial’s apps in the future, e.g. ordering at the REWE delivery service directly from the REWE circular inside the kaufDA app?

Efrain Rosario:  Our success is predicated on our customers’ success.  Recognizing that in-store represents more than 90% of retail sales, driving in-store sales is paramount to their business growth.  That being said, we do provide some customers with the capability of directing shoppers from digital circulars to their online sites to purchase those items.


Location Insider: Thank you very much for talking with us!

Efrain Rosario:  My pleasure.


Published with kind permission of: locationinsider.de
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