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Shopper Targeting

Leveraging our unrivaled 1st Party Shopper Audience data you can reach new customers with high intent to purchase your products

Personalized Creatives

Real-time data driven creatives which guarantee ad visibility and one-to-one engagement

Optimization & Reporting

Measure the impact of targeted display campaigns from impression to store visit

User Modeling

We build highly relevant target segments based on more than 300 million local shopper insights collected on our platform weekly.

Dynamic Advertisements

With the Bonial Dynamic Ad-Unit you can reach pre-selected audiences that have a high intent to purchase products within that category.

We create ad-units in all relevant formats for highly optimized targeting and display on all important devices, especially mobile. All ad-units are adapted to your brand identity and are verified prior to campaign launch. To ensure the success of your campaign, our marketing experts will identify & optimize the highest performing ads through rigorous A/B testing.

We can also integrate special details like store information, maps, promotions and any individual highlight

Real Time Reporting

To gauge a campaign’s success & optimize it in real time, Bonial utilizes data both online & local signals from multiple sources:


  • Ad Performance: CTR, Viewability Rate
  • Qualitative Online Signals: User behavior on your landing page
  • Drive-to-Store Measurement: via Bonial & third-party data experts

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